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EasyDriver Basic 1.6

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EasyDriver Active 1.8

EasyDriver Active 2.3

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EasyDriver Pro 2.3

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4WD/2WD MoveControl Economy

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4WD/2WD MoveControl Ecoline

4WD/2WD MoveControl EcoEasy

4WD EasyDriver Basic 2.8

4WD EasyDriver Basic 3.1

4WD EasyDriver Active 3.1

4WD EasyDriver Active 2.8

4WD EasyDriver Pro 3.1

4WD EasyDriver Pro 2.8

4WD EasyDriver Infinity 3.5


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2WD Mover TeR

2WD Mover XT2

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4WD Mammut TM4xx

Planning next assembly on location

Mounting drop off and pick up on the same dayNL-Groningen 01.12
Mounting drop off and pick up on the same dayNL-Lelystad 07.12
Mounting bring today, pick up a few days laterNL-GroningenMonday - Friday
Mounting DE-Hüfingen2 weeks
Mounting ES-Málaga2 weeks

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Assembly of a caravan mover

It is important that you are well informed about which caravan mover is the most optimal for your caravan and your use. The purchase of a mover is a major investment and you naturally want to purchase the most optimal mover for your situation and also that the lifespan is as long as possible. It is important for us that we take plenty of time to advise, so that we can choose the most optimal mover with you.

It is important that the caravan mover is properly mounted. Various issues must be taken into account during assembly. Proper assembly ensures that the mover lasts longer. In addition, we check with every assembly whether the desired mover is the right mover for your caravan. The fitter takes the time to assemble the mover professionally and neatly. It takes approximately 4 - 5 hours for a complete assembly at home. If you opt for installation in one of our branches, you bring the caravan in the morning and pick it up again at the end of the day. After assembly you will receive a detailed explanation and tips from the technician on how to best operate the mover and how to optimally maintain the battery.

We try to place the battery, battery charger and control box in the desired location. We do our best to make the placement of the products as ideal as possible during assembly. We prefer to mount the mover for the wheels (the drawbar side). If you have very little ball pressure, we can also place the battery in front of the wheels or, if desired, more to the rear if you have too much ball pressure. When mounting for the wheels, the mover remains cleaner while driving, behind the wheels there is water and dirt on the mover. Sometimes a mover can only be placed behind the wheels, due to limited ground clearance or obstacles for the wheels. We then recommend a mover in which at least the motor of the mover is shielded as optimally as possible by a hood, so that it is not constantly exposed to water in or out of the engine in bad weather.

Mounting options

After the mover is selected it must be fitted. Before our fitter starts the installation he will show you the location of the battery and other accessories. The fitters have a lot of knowledge and experience and will advise you about where to install the battery, charger and control box. The right placement improves the weight distribution and ease of use. The lifespan of a mover is dependent on the quality of the fitting. During the fitting we will place an impact-resistant, flexible tube around the cabling under the caravan.

Fitting can be done at one of our affiliates. We are specialized in fitting on location, for instance at your home or at a campsite. During the installation our mechanic brings along all necessary tools and accessories making sure the quality of fitting is the same as in our workshop. This service is offered in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the North of France. The mover will be assembled completely and delivered fully working. After the fitting you will get all the instructions on how to operate the mover. Together with the mechanic you will learn how to maneuver the caravan and get familiar with it, so you can travel with confidence.

Connection on board network (self-supporting)

We can connect our batteries to the board network of your caravan. This connection costs 150,- Euros, materials included. With this connection you can use the 12V lighting, toilet, taps and pumps even if the caravan is not connected to a 230V network.This connection works fully automatically. When the caravan doesn’t get energy from the car, and is not connected to 230V supply, the energy will be delivered by the mover battery instead. We place a fuse between the mover battery and the board network. This automatic switch doesn’t interfere with your car’s electronics. The battery will not be charged during driving. If you want the battery to get charged while driving we advise our complete set 4.

Example complete fitting

The complete assembly is the most chosen installation method. The fitter ensures that the mover is delivered professionally and according to the manufacturer's standards and guidelines. He will consult with you about the most suitable location for the battery, battery charger and control cabinet. The cables come in a flexible tube for protection and an electrical outlet is installed if it is not yet present. When picking up your caravan you will receive a complete explanation with tips on how you can best operate the mover. You can then practice directly with the mover and connect it to your car while the mechanic watches. We assemble in compliance with the legal EN1648 installation standard.

The ground clearance is important; we check the ground clearance and ensure that it is optimal after assembly, so that the mover is not damaged if you drive over a threshold.

check ground clearance

We prefer to check this if the caravan is behind the car.

The position of the main switch is discussed in consultation with the customer.

And the position of the battery and control box is determined.

And this is what it looks like when the mover is mounted, there is more than enough ground clearance to cross a threshold.

The controlbox, battery and other parts will be installed on an optimal place for you and us.

The mover is mounted under the caravan and the cables are concealed in a flexible tube so that they are well protected. These are connected to the control box. The control box gets its energy from the battery. The battery is properly secured with the mounting frame. The battery is charged by the battery charger. This battery charger gets its energy from a 230V socket, which is also mounted by us if it is not yet present.
montage binnenkant caravan
Example of a complete installed AL-KO Mammut which has no external control box.

The water drainage of your caravan is shifted if it gets in the way at the installation site. When mounting behind the wheels it is possible that you will lose the spare wheel holder and you have to store the tire elsewhere. It is also possible that you will no longer be able to use the AL-KO jack support holders, then you should use a normal car jack from now on. All these activities are included in the price of a complete assembly.

The cables that go to the motors of the mover are concealed in a flexible, impact-resistant tube. This tube is screwed with holders under the caravan. Several holes are drilled in your caravan floor, after which the cables are fed through. The holes are completely sealed with sealant.

montage onderkant caravan Impact-resistant tube under the caravan.

We also ensure an optimum mounting finish on the inside of the caravan so that as little space as possible is lost. We position everything as optimally as possible. However, this does not mean that the battery can be placed anywhere you want. The battery needs space and the fitter must also have room to be able to assemble.

The cabling on the inside is optimally protected and concealed. We also provide a 230V wall socket for the battery charger if it is not yet present.

montage binnenkant caravan
Example of a complete assembly.

Completion and payment

After assembly you will receive a detailed explanation of the operation and operation of the mover. In addition, we explain how you can optimally charge the battery, we also provide an advice sticker for this. You can leave the battery in the caravan for the entire winter if you follow our advice.

You can then make the payment, this can be done by PIN (only at the locations), cash to the engineer or by transfer with iDeal in the presence of the engineer.

Work with a standard assembly

With the standard assembly, the legal standard is met, but we believe that the assembly can be much nicer and more complete than just complying with the minimum standard. With this mounting method, much attention is paid to the time, everything has to save time and you can tell by the bill. The battery is placed by the technician in a convenient place where he can easily reach. The fitter then immediately starts the assembly. The place where the battery will be placed must be cleared out. The cabling goes in a flexible tube, as supplied by the manufacturer. This is only a small piece and only protects the cables at the chassis. The water drainage is not shifted if necessary. Any disassembly of the spare wheel holder and jack support holder will be charged.

The time saving is also achieved inside the caravan. The cabling is placed in a roll in the caravan and is not concealed in a neat tube. The battery is fixed, the control box of course as well, but the battery charger is supplied separately and you have to realize a socket yourself.

After assembly, we briefly show the operation of the mover and hand you the manuals and the battery charging advice. You can then pay by PIN (only at the locations), cash to the engineer or by transfer with iDeal in the presence of the engineer.

Procedure for making an appointment

To assemble a caravan mover under your caravan, we need your caravan for a whole working day. You can bring and collect the caravan in consultation.

If you want to have a mover assembled or need advice, you can contact us by email or by telephone. You can call the central number, we do not have telephone numbers for the branches. We ensure that the mover and accessories are present at the installation site. You do not have to pay anything, the payment always takes place after assembly.

Mounting at home

Our engineers can also carry out the assembly at your home for a small extra charge. The mechanic takes the mover and all supplies with him in the service car. The mover is mounted in the same way as at one of our workshops. The costs for assembly are the same throughout the country, except for the islands. The installation can also take place at your caravan storage or at any other location.

It is important that the caravan is on a flat surface and that there is at least 1.5 meters of free space (without curb) around the caravan. Furthermore, the fitter must not be in danger due to passing traffic.
We assemble at home in a large part of Europe, prices vary per country.
Regio indeling, prijzen zijn verschillend per land.

Fitting at home, also in the alps

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