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Truma Instruction manual M1 (Used)

for Carver

Truma Instruction manual M1 (Used)

for Carver

Truma Instruction manual M1 (Used) for Carver

Instruction manual

The company Truma


Website Truma

Service and Warranty

CaravanMoverShop specializes in caravan movers. We also provide maintenance and repairs, even if you didn’t buy the mover from us. Our mechanics are mobile and are able to provide help on location. We carry out maintenance and service for all brands. We follow a standard protocol which helps us to find and solve a malfunction fast. When you visit us we first check whether the mover is fitted correctly and if the battery is working properly. Then we will fix the problem. By using this systematic approach we are able to find the underlying problem and solve it. We value a good guarantee and when formulating our advice we looked closely at the warranty conditions. The warranty conditions and way of handling them may differ per brand and model.

On the movers that we sell and install such as Reich, Truma, AL-KO and PowrMover there is generally a 5 year warranty period. Apart from our guarantee, you can also claim the guarantee from the manufacturer and its European network service. With Reich you are entitled to a guarantee of 5 years, with AL-KO and Truma 2 years. If you decide to fit the mover yourself the warranty is 2 years, but out of leniency we have chosen to extend this with another 3 years . On the Go2 Rh2 mover the warranty period is restricted to 2 years and you are not entitled to the use of the Truma service network.


For proper operation of the mover it is necessary that it is well-maintained. You can do a part yourself. Clean your mover after each use and follow our advice on charging the battery. Don’t forget to get the batteries out of the remote control handset in winter. It is advisable to have the mover maintained every two years. We offer a check-up and maintenance service at a fixed price.

When the mover is supplied and installed by us

If the mover has been bought and installed by us there are no costs in case of warranty for the service in our workplace. With a surcharge our service is possible at home. If the problem exists due to errors of use costs might be calculated.

Procedure if the mover was bought at us, but you have fitted the mover yourselves

If you have purchased the mover from us, but have mounted it yourself, we must first check whether the mover has been mounted correctly. Fitting errors are corrected and costs are charged for this. If it appears that the mounting error is the cause of the fault, we cannot logically submit a warranty claim. Experience shows that most warranty applications are due to a mounting error. You have significantly less chance of malfunctions if you have the mover assembled by us. Of course, if there is a warranty, the defect will be resolved under warranty. After the warranty period, there is a leniency period for most movers, this is communicated to the mover on the website at the time of purchase.

In the case you didn't buy the mover from us

If you have purchased the mover elsewhere, we must first check whether the mover is mounted correctly. Fitting errors are corrected and costs are charged for this. If it appears that the mounting error is the cause of the fault, we cannot logically submit a warranty claim. Experience shows that most warranty applications are due to a mounting error. You have significantly less chance of malfunctions if you have the mover assembled by us. Of course, if there is a warranty, the defect will be resolved under warranty. If possible we declare the labor costs at the manufacturer, this depends on the warranty conditions of your mover.

After the warranty periode

If your mover is no longer covered by the warranty, we can also solve your problem. We have almost all parts in stock and will repair the mover as quickly as possible. The costs of labor are 80 euros per hour and the costs of used parts will be charged. Because we have almost all parts in stock, we can often repair your caravan mover in short term.

Warranty Truma

1 years Warranty

Truma has a strict dealer network. We are a registered dealer of this brand. If you unexpectedly have a problem with the products purchased with us, the problem with the product will be resolved as soon as possible. We will ask you to send an email in which you describe the problem. You will then receive further questions, or a guarantee number and a step-by-step plan on how we can solve the problem.

Many faults on a product such as a mover can easily be rectified by telephone explanations from our technicians. A common problem is, how do I turn on the remote control ... and if that is successful, how do I automatically move the reels to the belt. It seems simple; but every product is protected against accidental use and after a year it is often unclear how it worked again.

You can also count on optimal support from the manufacturers and importers. Also during your vacation. We can send you a lost remote control anywhere in the European Union without too much expense. We also have our technicians in a large part of Europe who can help you. We assemble at home in France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Spain. You can also contact all service points (dealers).

We recommend buying a mover with a 5-year warranty, no matter how good the mover is, it is in a rotten place, after all, where there is always moisture and dirt during driving. When we install the mover, you have up to 5 years warranty. If you assemble it yourself you have 2 years warranty and then up to 3 years of leniency. With each mover is described how long the warranty period is.

Spare parts

If you have damage, or if there are problems after the warranty period, the brands PowrMover, Reich, Truma, and AL-KO offer an almost complete range of spare parts. So, if you have a small problem after the warranty period, you don't have to buy a whole new mover. You can often solve the problem with a separately ordered spare part. The spare parts of most movers are guaranteed available for 10 years. In addition, we have the most extensive range spare parts used and new in stock.

Demonstration days CaravanMoverShop

Regulairy we have promotion days in our shops. You can show you the differences between the products of Reich, AL-KO, Truma and PowrMover. You can also see us at one of the exhibitions in Western Europe. Or please visit any of our Shops in varshops during our opening hours. The following promotiondays are on:

Saturday 06 march 2021 (10.00 - 14.00) NL-Groningen, NL-Lelystad
Saturday 20 march 2021 (10.00 - 14.00) NL-Groningen, NL-Lelystad

CaravanMoverShop at the exhibitions

You can find us at the following exhibitions:
2021 august

DE-Duesseldorf, 27 august 2021 - 05 september 2021, Caravan Salon

2021 october

DE-Erfurt, 28 october 2021 - 31 october 2021, Reise und Caravan

2022 january

NL-Leeuwarden, 26 january 2022 - 30 january 2022, Caravana

2022 february

DE-Essen, 16 february 2022 - 20 february 2022, Reise und Camping




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We are, as our name says, a caravan mover shop. Here at CaravanMoverShop we sell a select range of high quality caravan movers from respected manufacturers such as AL-KO, Reich, PowrWheel/PowrMover and Truma. We also offer a range of premium batteries and battery chargers for your mover. Our expert knowledge means we are always able to recommend the perfect mover for you. Our product range is also available at all four or our branches so you are free to shop in store or online. We dispatch our orders daily (Monday-Friday) to reach you as quickly as possible. We provide comprehensive and up to date information about all of our products in here on our website. If you require further information or have any questions, please send us an email. We can also be contacted by telephone (0031-857843666) every day. In the past we advertised in the following magazines Camping Cars and Caravaning, Reisemobil, Kampeer en Caravan Kampioen (KCK), ACSI Freelife Magazine und Campingvizier.

ANWB Kampeer
en Caravan Kampioen

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Our price: € 15.00

Reviews Truma Instruction manual M1 (Used)

for Carver
2019-12-14, written by Pascal J.:


-rapidité dans la réaction de l'envoi

-prix très intéressant ( pour ma pièce)

-client ravis

2018-12-21, written by Gert B.:

Perfecte snelle service en alles goed gemonteerd. En dat ook nog voor een scherpe prijs maar vooral de snelheid van de werkzaamheden was perfect.

Gert B.

2016-09-30, written by Dirk F.:

Sehr geehrter Herr Mulder,

es hat alles super geklappt, ich werde Sie gerne weiterempfehlen.

Viele Grüße
Dirk F.

2016-09-28, written by Hans v/d P.:

De laatste dag van de vakantie .. de Carver-mover van de KIP 470 stopte aan één zijde. Dus bij terugkomst in Nederland een afspraak gemaakt en op naar Zwijndrecht met als eindresultaat .. weer een perfect werkende mover !

Meer dan tevreden over de snelle en doeltreffende en beslist vakkundige afhandeling !

JG v/d P.

2016-07-24, written by Berent M.:

Beste caravanmovershop,
Via jullie website vond ik de mover die ik nodig had, na een belletje met jullie klopte dat die er nog was. Hebben hem besteld via de website en kreeg goede info van levering. Nog voor TNT het had bezorgd waren jullie er al achter gekomen dat de verkeerde kan was afgestuurd, na binnenkomst gecontroleerd en ja het was de verkeerde. Via een belletje en mail was alles vlot geregeld en de goed mover binnen 15 minuten op de post gedaan, en kreeg retour opdracht voor de andere. De volgende dag was de goed kant binnen en kon ik hem voor we weg gingen op vakantie nog monteren.
Super goed van jullie dat alles goed in de gaten wordt gehouden, en ben zeer tevreden over de vlote afwikkeling en benadering.
mijn compliment.
Mvg, Berent M.

2016-07-10, written by P. S.:

Geachte heer/mevrouw,

In mijn geval had ik een stel nieuwe aandrijfrollen voor mijn Carver caravanmover nodig (12 jaar oud). Bij telefonisch contact werd ik snel de naar de juiste plaats op de website geleid en bleek het gevraagde gewoon in voorraad te zijn. Bij GIMEG de officiële vertegenwoordiging van Truma bleek dat het product niet meer leverbaar was, omdat de termijn van 10 jaar na de productiedatum van de mover was verstreken. Bij de CaravanMoverShop denken ze daar dus duidelijk anders over. Mijn dank is groot.

Met vriendelijke groet,

P. S.

Wij hebben nog een beperkt aantal voorradig, de fabrikant maakt ze niet meer.

2016-05-11, written by Theo en Ans van den B.:

Beste Jorg,

Vandaag hadden wij het bedrag van de retourzending al op onze rekening.
Fantastisch snelle afhandeling! Super.

Theo en Ans van den B.

2016-04-24, written by Hans W.:

Hallo liebes CaravanMover Team,

ich habe mich über Ihre schnelle und zuverlässige Lieferung meiner Truma-Mover Rollen für Euro Mover M1 sehr gefreut.

Auch am Telefon kompetent und freundlch. Kann ich nur empfehlen und immer wieder bestellen.

Hans W.

2016-03-07, written by Odette C.:


Notre reponse: Merci pour votre presentation de France qui vous amiez! Vive la France et salut! Bonnes vacances avec votre mover qui functionne.

Salutations, Gerbrand Hut

2016-02-04, written by A.G. van T.:


Mijn bestelling is gisteren zoals UPS mij ook heeft toegezegd geleverd.

Bastiaan bedankt voor het afhandelen van mijn bestelling.
De snelle en vriendelijke reactie op mijn vragen en het gereed maken van mijn bestelling.
Geweldig gedaan, bedankt.

Op donderdag een order geplaatst met aflevering in een uithoek van Spanje.
Het onderdeel was op voorraad en zou vrijdag worden verzonden, hetgeen ook is gebeurd,
met het resultaat dat mijn bestelling op woensdag morgen 2500km van huis werd afgeleverd.
Bedankt, zeker een firma die een pluim verdiend, vriendelijk, snel in handelen en
verstrekken van informatie en het kiezen van de juiste verzend methode.

A.G. van T.

De levertijden zijn over het algemeen snel, maar dit is zeker niet altijd zo. Sommige gebieden in Europa hebben geen dagelijkse pakketbezorging.

2016-01-07, written by Madeleine L:

Bonjours,nous avons bien reçu le colis et il est conforme a la commande.


2015-04-15, written by Joerg L.:

Sehr geehrter Herr Mulder,

die Ware ist heute im einwandfreien Zustand angekommen und liegt schon bei meinem Reifenhaendler zur Instetzunguing meines Euro Movers vor. Es ist alles superschnell gegangen, Die Beratung war perfekt, sowie auch der Preis.

Sie haben einen zufriedenen Kunden. Melde mich naechste Woche ob alles einwandfrei funktioniert.

Vieleb Dank


Joerg L.


2014-07-27, written by Tibor T.:


bestelde product is correct binnen afgesproken tijd bezorgd.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Tibor Tóth

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