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Reich Basic 2.8
Semi-automatic mover (Hand operated wind system)
International version (2021)
Lowest price, with factory warranty.

Delivery as it comes from the manufacturer with a 2 year warranty and lowest price. Only for self-fitting.
- Warranty 2 years
Price € 1800.00 including VAT
Price € 1551.72 excluding VAT
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Reich Basic 2.8
Semi-automatic mover (Hand operated wind system)
International version (2021)
Lowest price, with factory warranty.

Reich Basic 2.8 <BR>Semi automatic mover (Hand operated wind system) <BR>Interna

Lowest price, with factory warranty.

We offer the best quality caravan movers from the most well known and respected manufacturers, in combination with the best batteries and battery chargers. We sell these in complete sets consisting of everything needed to fit a mover to a standard caravan chassis. Our preferred battery is the Optima battery and this is the battery most frequently included in our complete sets. The German magazines Camping, Cars & Caravans and Reise Mobil International rate Optima batteries as the best battery for caravan movers. We supply these batteries complete with a Ctek charger. As this charger was originally developed by Optima it provides optimum charging for Optima batteries as well as optimum performance and battery life. We also offer lithium batteries.

The company Reich


Website Reich
Reich is a German company founded in 1975. Apart from producing movers they built all kinds of caravan accessories. Most water taps in a caravan are from market leader Reich. The factory is located in Eschenburg in the German state Hessen, where 150 employees work. In the Netherlands and UK it has affiliates. The Reich movers are largely made and assembled in Germany. Here at CaravanMoverShop we have visited Reich premises in Eschenburg many times, to help them to develop the EasyDriver product range.

Reich EasyDriver

The EasyDrivers are the third generation Reich movers. There are three models, the semi-automatic Basic and Active and the fully-automatic Pro. With the Basic and Active you connect the rollers to the tire by means of a pendulum movement. This is lighter than pivoting the claws. The difference between the Basic and the Active is that the Active uses a water-resistant plastic cover. These models have two power varieties for a single-axis caravan. The numbers refer to the maximum weight in tons, the 1.8 (1800 kg) and the 2.3 (2300 kg). The Reich EasyDriver 2.3 models are the most powerful movers we offer. We advise you to use the EasyDriver 1.8 with caravans up to 1500 kg. With this device you can drive up a wedge of 25% without overloading the engines. Some caravans with a BPW chassis allow the fitting of a Reich Pro BPW with minimal loss of ground clearance. The chassis needs to have a special space to fit the mover. This chassis has been on the market for a few years but is to be found mostly underneath the Hobby caravan model 2017 and onwards. All EasyDrivers use comfort remote control handsets allowing you to steer to the left and right while maneuvering the caravan. The rollers have a good grip on the tires. The weight of the mover itself is approximately 33 kg.

Delivery and Features

Reich Basic 2.8
  • Features:
    • Semi-automatic mover
    • Comfortcontrol with Softstart and Softstop
    • Galvanised
    • Light weight Mover
    • Topsafe, self-braking on a slope
  • Delivery:
    • 1x Remote control handset with battery
    • 4x Motor (left and right) with cables
    • 2x pipe long
    • Cable and fuse with holder
    • Mounting kit
    • Instruction manual

Reich 4WD EasyDriver Basic 2.8

Reich 4WD EasyDriver Basic 2.8
The Reich 4WD EasyDriver Basic 2.8 is for caravans with Twin axle caravans (4 WD). The electronics have a softstart and stopfunction. This makes manoeuvring the caravan gently and has less effect on the chassis. Manoeuvring is done with a remote control (434 MHz) with push buttons.


This mover has an operation with comfort. Thus making it possible to adjust the caravan a little left or right while manoeuvring forwards and backwards. This is a semi-automatic mover. Actuation is done with hand crank. The distance traveled when swiveling is 5 cm. De rollen staan ongeveer 2 cm van de band afgesteld, de druk van de rol in de band is dus maximaal 3 cm. On the integrated indicator can be read if the mover is correctly engaged against the tires. The mover has a worm wheel transmission that prevents the caravan from rolling back on a slope. The wear-resistant maintenance-friendly aluminium drive rollers have a diameter of 6 cm, this ensures optimal grip on the tires.

The manufacturer recommends this mover for caravans up to -. We expect with our advise taking a short slope of 20% should be no problem, thus our advise with our set 2 for this mover is for caravans with a maximum weight of 2500 kg. The actual weight of the mover itself (our measurement) without battery is approximately 64 kg. The mover is relatively low in weight.

The height for the installation is 12 cm. The loss of ground clearance after installation with an appropriate chassis is 5.7 cm. The mover needs an installation length of 37 cm /motor 30 cm. The metal parts are galvanized. The drive motor has 2 Motor brushes. The mover is introduced in 2014 and delivered till 2020

installation dimensions:
Reich 4WD EasyDriver Basic 2.8 installation dimensions

Foto Reich 4WD EasyDriver Basic 2.8

Fendt Tandemachse 700 SFD (2017) 2500 kg

double axle caravan movers

Fitting a mover under a double axle caravan is a nice challenge with most caravans, but with a considerable number of caravans, fitting the mover is very specialized work. Not every mover can be mounted just like that. This is because there are many limitations in what fits physically. Not all manufacturers offer a wide range of mounting and clamping plates. Not every mover can be mounted optimally. To date, we have been able to mount a mover under each double-axle caravan. A double-axle caravan never grades as nicely as a single-axle caravan. This makes sense, since with four tires it is simply less convenient to make a turn. You may not mount a single-axle mover under a double-axle caravan based on the admission, it is not suitable for this.

2WD or 4WD

There are two types of double-axle movers, a variant with two engines (2WD) and a variant with four engines (4WD). In our opinion, a 2WD is a very good solution for caravans with a weight of 2200 kg.
A 2WD has less power than a 4WD. With a 2WD, making a 90 degree turn takes longer. With the Truma XT2 you have to count on 2 minutes and with a Reich mover more than double. With a 2WD two wheels are driven. So there is a risk that the driven tire does not make good contact with the ground, with a 4WD all tires are driven. A 2WD mover from Reich or Truma weighs around 34 kg. We recommend our set 2 for the 2WD models.
A 4WD has 2 engines more and therefore weighs double. A larger battery is also often needed with a 4WD. The total weight increases by more than 40 kg. A 4WD is characterized by a finer steering, making a turn is more comfortable. With the 4WDs you can often make a turn even faster by pushing the buttons crosswise. With a 4WD we recommend our battery sets with the Optima 75Ah battery, that is set 3 or set 4.

Compare the videos below to assess what is most optimal for you.

2WD Truma XT2

4WD Reich EasyDriver

Step-by-step plan for mounting a double axle mover

Height of the chassis
The chassis height of a double-axle caravan is usually 18 CM, but there are also many caravans with a height of less than 16 CM and there are many caravans with an even lower chassis. We often prefer to mount a mover that does not require lowering plates, but this is not always possible.

Checking the chassis
The 2WD movers can be mounted both in front and behind the tires. A 4WD mover is mounted both in front and behind the tires. This space must therefore be free of restrictions. The image below shows a common reinforcement plate for the wheels:
This is usually both in front of and behind the wheels. The removal of these plates is not allowed, but there is a possibility to replace them with other holders.

Ground clearance
Ground clearance is always an important point. After mounting the caravan mover, there must be at least 11 CM ground clearance. We advise you to find a solution where you have a minimum clearance of 14 cm after installation.
tandemasser-kabe-reich Kabe

Movers? Quality and reliability make the difference!

Lots of modern caravans have a chassis that doesnít allow the fitting of just any mover. Therefore itís important to select the most optimal mover for your caravan. In our advice we take into consideration essential topics like: ground clearance, guarantee and optimal positioning. This is done to ensure maximum durability. We also take into account that the mover should be able to climb a wedge with a 25% upward slope. The choice of which mover, brand and model you would like to use is not only dependent on the price, ease of use and design but also on technical restrictions. Below we will give you more information about movers so that you have a good foundation to make a thoughtful decision.

Modern movers

Caravan movers have been on the market since 1998 . During this time manufacturers acquired a lot of know-how. The modern movers we sell have a built-in brake. So if you forget to disconnect the mover from the wheels and try to drive away, the car and caravan will not move. An important safety feature is that the caravan will also stand still on a pitch or slope. This is achieved by the use of a worm gear or as with Truma XT by means of a built-in brake. Modern movers have more powerful engines so that bigger rollers can be used which have better grip and less wear. By means of an optimized transmission these systems achieve better economy. In recent years we sell modern movers only.

Fully-automatic or semi-automatic

We make a distinction between two types of movers; semi- or fully-automatic. The difference is explained by the way the rollers are brought to the tires. Fully-automatic: just press a button on the remote control handset. Semi-automatic: place the rollers manually on the tires.

Weights and loss of ground clearance

The tables below make comparing the different movers easy. In the first table you see the fully automatic movers, in the second table the semi-automatic. In the tables we state the maximum weight that the caravan, including loading, according to the manufacturer may have, and our personal advice. Our personal advice is based on our experience. We want a mover to be able to drive a 25% chock without overloading and without the electric motor having a hard time audibly. This is to achieve a maximum lifespan. Then the installation height is stated. A standard chassis has a height of 18 cm, a less higher mover only means that there is more empty space above the mover. However, if there is a heating pipe or drain at the place where the mover is to be installed, the installation height is very important. The loss of ground clearance is also very important. In our opinion, the space that remains after mounting the mover should be 15 cm. There is no legal standard for this. All data of course subject to changes and measurement errors.

Semi-automatic mover

halfautomatische mover

There are two variants of semi-automatic movers. Truma and PowrMover use a system with a lever, actually a rod, that needs to be pivoted. While making the turn, the mover is pressed against the tires. This activity requires some force. The easiest way to do this is with the Truma SX mover for it delivers the right pressure on the tires straight away. However, this means that adjustments might need to be made when changing to another set of tires. The second variant is a crank system that brings the mover to the tires by rotating the lever. Just like turning the paw of the caravan. Thanks to the gearing system, rotating the lever doesnít require much force. When an optimal fitting is possible we prefer to advise a semi-automatic mover.

Semi-automatic mover single axle caravans

Mover:Weight:Max. weight manufacturer:Our recommend.:Type:Height:Loss ground clearance:Length:Control:
Truma Mover Go2 RH334 kg1800 kg /15%1500 kgHand operated lever system16 cm5.5 cm34 cmComfort
Truma Mover SX35 kg2000 kg /13%1800 kgHand operated lever system16 cm5.5 cm35 cmComfort
Reich EasyDriver Active 2.033 kg2000 kg /15%1550 kgHand operated wind system12 cm5.7 cm36 cmComfort
Reich EasyDriver Active 2.335 kg2300 kg /15%2000 kgHand operated wind system12 cm5.7 cm36 cmComfort
Reich EasyDriver Basic 1.633 kg1600 kg /15%1300 kgHand operated wind system12 cm5.7 cm36 cmComfort
AL-KO Ranger S2142 kg1500 kg /18%1200 kgHand operated wind system18 cm7 cm38 cmNormal

Full-automatic mover

halfautomatische mover

We distinguish two variants of fully-automatic setup systems. The cheapest ones in the market use a little electrical motor to assist with the rotation. The engine runs until the end of the axle is reached. More expensive movers have a built-in intelligence to ensure the right pressure of the rolls on the tires. Theoretically , fully-automatic movers have a greater chance of malfunctioning but this chance is negligible with movers with an intelligent setup system. The pricing of a mover indicates whether it is an intelligent one. In this brochure we only mention intelligent movers.

Full-automatic mover single axle caravans

Mover:Weight:Max. weight manufacturer:Our recommend.:Type:Height:Loss ground clearance:Length:Control:
Truma Mover Smart A32 kg2000 kg /13%2000 kgfully automatic16 cm5.5 cm35 cmComfort
Truma Mover XT33 kg2300 kg /13%2000 kgfully automatic13 cm5.5 cm32 cmComfort
Reich EasyDriver Infinity 2.533 kg2500 kg /15%2000 kgfully automatic12 cm5.5 cm36 cmComfort
Reich EasyDriver Infinity 2.5 BPW-Hobby36 kg2500 kg /15%2000 kgfully automatic12 cm3 cm36 cmComfort
Reich EasyDriver Pro 2.031 kg2000 kg /15%1550 kgfully automatic12 cm5.7 cm35 cmComfort
Reich EasyDriver Pro 2.0 BPW-Hobby34 kg2000 kg /15%1550 kgfully automatic12 cm2 cm35 cmComfort
AL-KO Mammut M2032 kg2200 kg /13%1800 kgfully automatic16 cm0 cm48 cmComfort
AL-KO Mammut AMS2 S2x40 kg2200 kg /13%1800 kgfully automatic cm6 cm48 cmComfort


Two kinds of controls are distinguished. Standard control and comfort control. Until a few years ago , every mover used standard control. Precise movement of the caravan was only possible by stopping it at intervals. With comfort control it is possible to adjust a bit to the left or right while moving the caravan to its place. The comfort control is used with the AL-KO Mammut, Truma XT, Truma SX, Truma Smart and the Reich Easydriver.

Weight, measuring is knowing

Getting overloaded is a big problem with lots of caravans. The average weight of a mover amounts to 33 kg. Our best sold battery set, set 2 with the Optima 55Ah battery, weighs 20 kg. To save on weight it is common to look only at the battery. However, to really save weight one should look at the actual weight of the mover. Donít trust too much on advertisements and donít forget the mounting plates. Caravans with an AL-KO Vario chassis need a mounting plate of 5 kg, except for the AL-KO Mammut. The weight difference between movers can go up to more than 16 kg. If you really want to save on weight, you need to be objectively well-i nformed.

Which mover?


The choice of a mover is not only dependent on which mover you want, each mover has properties that determine which is the best choice for you and your caravan. The mover must be optimally mounted so that the chance of problems is as small as possible. In theory you can mount almost any mover under every caravan, but unfortunately it is not that simple in practice. It starts with the question whether the mover should be mounted in front of or behind the wheels. If we mount the mover in front of the wheels, you have less ground clearance after mounting than behind the wheels. Behind the wheels, however, the mover is a very expensive mud flap, which is not good for any product. We recommend installing a mover for the wheels, if this is not possible, then only mount a well-protected mover behind the wheels, which also has optimum warranty conditions.

We always ask which caravan you have during a conversation. This way we try to find out which chassis is under your caravan. We know which chassis is the most common of many caravans. Once this has been determined, we must determine which movers are eligible. Part of this information is in the specifications from the manufacturers. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to compare movers with this data. Where the minimum values are stated by one manufacturer, the maximum values are stated by the other manufacturer. We have a lot of practical experience and can give you good and honest advice based on this experience.

It is not always easy to determine which chassis is under a caravan. Many caravans from 2000 to 2007 have a chassis with a height of 18-20 centimeters, the so-called standard chassis. With this chassis you can mount almost any mover without having to use mounting plates. With other years it is not so easy to say which mover can be mounted. The new chassis in particular does not make it easy for consultants and engineers. New caravans also often have less ground clearance. The caravan is then better on the road in terms of driving experience, but a mover with too little ground clearance is asking for problems.
To help you, we have created a handy overview in which you can select your caravan brand and year of manufacture. You will then be given advice about the options for assembly.

The power of the mover depends on many factors

The functioning of the mover depends on various factors. The mover must have enough power to move the weight of the caravan. The choice of the battery also determines whether or not the mover functions properly. The battery must have sufficient capacity to supply the large amount of energy that a mover requires. We recommend an Optima battery for this. The energy runs via cabling from the battery to the motors. All connections must be good. If a cable connection is not properly secured, for example due to incorrect tools or improperly pressed sliding plugs, this ensures a higher transition resistance and the current does not reach the motor completely. As a result, the motor of a mover cannot perform optimally, which can even result in skidding rollers on the tire. It is also important that the mover is properly adjusted during assembly. It is important that the roll makes good contact with the tire in width, but also that the horizontal pressure of the roll on the tire is as optimal as possible.

Assemble a mover yourself

A caravan mover is a product prone to malfunction. The product is in fact at the wheels, where a lot of moisture and junk can come on while driving. A mover uses an enormous amount of power, on a straight part it can easily reach 20A, but when loaded this can rise to around 70A with very short-lived peaks of over 300A. The assembly must therefore be done accurately and properly. We place high demands on assembly, this prevents many problems. Based on experiences, we advise you not to mount the mover yourself, but to have it done professionally. The chance of malfunctions decreases significantly. We perform warranty work for the various manufacturers and keep an eye on how the failures occur. Most malfunctions are caused by assembly errors and not by manufacturing errors. Failing to fix a simple cable eye properly enough can result in a defective control box after 3 years. Replacing this costs more money than saving on assembly.

Schematic drawing confirmation mover



Caravan Mover Test

It is always worth bearing in mind that each magazine which tests caravan movers has its own preferences and these preferences, in general, dictate test results. In a 2008 Camping and Caravan Champion test the Reich MoveControl Economy caravan mover achieved a satisfactory score. In a special feature in the German magazine Caravaning in 2008 a test was done with caravan movers from Truma, Reich and PowrMover. This test declared the Reich Economy caravan mover to be the Best Buy. In a test in 2011 in Germany the Reich caravan mover was stated to be one of the best caravan movers. However, in a KCK test in 2012 the Reich caravan mover was used on a heavily overloaded trailer which overloaded the moverís electric motors.

Fitting is customization

A caravan is mounted on a chassis. However, it is not always clear which chassis is fitted. A mover can be fitted in front or behind the wheels of a caravan according to the specifications of the manufacturer . A mover stays cleaner when it is mounted in front of the wheels, because of this it will lasts longer. It isnít always possible to place a mover in an optimal position in front of the wheels. This is dependent on the chassis, the ground clearance and other restrictions, like a lower entry or a heating tube. Also, there needs to be enough space between the shock absorber and the tire. Usually the fitting is done with clamping plates.

To attach a clamping plate correctly the chassis has to be made out of one piece and needs to have a relatively straight design. This is what we call a standard chassis

When a mover is fitted, a caravan loses ground clearance, this is the space between the ground and the chassis. With the movers that we sell you will lose 5 -6 cm. This is no problem with a caravan that has enough clearance. Modern caravans are constructed in such a way that two chassis parts are joined together exactly on the spot where the mover needs to be fitted. If the letter M is punched i n the AL-KO chassis, it will be possible to fit a AL-KO Mammut mover without loss of ground clearance. All other movers will require a mounting plate that will cost an extra centimeter ground clearance.

There are many other types of chassis. An Eriba Touring has a very different chassis which limits the choice of an optimal mover drastically. Newer caravans with a BPW chassis allow the fitting of a Reich BPW mover with minimal loss of ground clearance. It is not necessary that you investigate personally which chassis your caravan has and which mover will be optimal. When fitting a mover we always check if it fits optimally. We have everything in stock. Even when fitting at your home we bring all the materials to guarantee an optimal result.



After the mover is selected it must be fitted. Before our fitter starts the installation he will show you the location of the battery and other accessories. The fitters have a lot of knowledge and experience and will advise you about where to install the battery, charger and control box. The right placement improves the weight distribution and ease of use. The lifespan of a mover is dependent on the quality of the fitting. During the fitting we will place an impact-resistant, flexible tube around the cabling under the caravan.

Fitting can be done at one of our 5 branches in NL-Groningen, NL-Lelystad, DE-Huefingen and ES-MŠlaga. We are specialized in fitting on location, for instance at your home or at a campsite. During the installation our mechanic brings along all necessary tools and accessories making sure the quality of fitting is the same as in our workshop. This service is offered in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, South of Spain and the North of France. The mover will be assembled completely and delivered fully working. After the fitting you will get all the instructions on how to operate the mover. Together with the mechanic you will learn how to maneuver the caravan and get familiar with it, so you can travel with confidence.

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Donít save on the battery and charger!

After you have chosen the right mover, the next step will be the selection of a battery and charger. Generally a mover provides more power than a small car. All necessary energy is supplied by the battery. If the mover doesnít get enough energy, sufficient power will be unavailable. There will be more wear and the lifespan of the mover will be shorter. We only sell batteries that we have tested and we are conservative and careful in our advice. In association with ACSI Freelife magazine weíve tested different batteries with different techniques. The Optima Yellow Top AGM batteries performed well on a track of 90 meters with a gradient of 6%. The Reich MPP achieved the same. All other standard wet, calcium and cheap AGM batteries didnít reach this distance. This despite the fact that the manufacturer stated that the batteries could deliver 70, 90 or even 110 Ah. Of course we were also interested in the long-term performance of the Optima Yellow Top 55Ah battery. Hence, we tested a 7 years old Optima battery. It drove the distance without any difficulty. So the difference in performance cannot be explained by the capacity of the battery but in the maximum delivery of energy. Most batteries cannot deliver the energy that is needed. We deliberate choose only a few battery brands and types.

Optima batteries

Optima is the leading brand of Varta, the biggest battery manufacturer in the world. This battery is particularly suitable for heavy applications. An optima battery is 10 kg lighter and significantly smaller than traditional lead-acid batteries. The battery does not contain any fluids, so even when damaged it remains leak-proof. Also, it can be fitted in any position, even upside down. A battery box is not needed and you donít need to make a drain. This battery has no problem supplying the energy release requested by the mover, so this makes it an optimal combination with any mover. It will last longer than any standard conventional battery. Our experiences are very positive. We have sold these batteries for more than a decade and have never seen a faulty one, as long as the owners followed our charging advice. Obviously, rare manufacturing errors form an exception to the rule. The technique has been in use for quite a long time now, so early mistakes have been eradicated. We strongly recommend the Optima AGM battery, together with a good charger.

Our best and most sold battery set is set 2, with the Optima Yellow Top S4.2/55 Ah battery. If you follow our charging advice this set is virtually fault-free. The battery weighs 19 kg. With this battery you can use the mover for more than 40 minutes. A minimal energy release is necessary for a mover to function optimally. The Optima battery in our set 2 amply meets this minimal norm. You can also use this battery for lighting. We can connect the battery to the board network of your caravan. Our complete set 1 makes use of the smaller Optima S2,7/38 Ah. This battery only weighs 12 kg and its energy release is less than the other Optima batteries. You have approximately 25 minutes maneuvering time. The biggest advantage of this battery is the saving of weight.

Our complete sets 3 and 4

We advise set 3, with the S5.5/75 Ah Optima battery, to the intensive user. This battery is suitable for situations where you donít have a 230V connection available for a few days. With our set 4 you have a solution for intense self-supporting use. The set includes a Ctek charger which enables charging during driving and the connection to a solar panel. In addition , the mover gets more than enough energy so this set is suitable for heavier applications.

Complete set 1 Optima Yellow Top YT S2.7 38Ah (12 kg)

Recommended when need to save on weight.
You can use this battery set +/- 20 min. maneuver with the mover.

Complete set 2 Optima Yellow Top YT S4.2 55Ah (19 kg) Special offer, our advice

We recommended this set for normal use.
You can use this battery set +/- 35 min. maneuver with the mover.

Complete set 3 Optima Yellow Top YT S5.5 75Ah (27 kg)

We recommended this set for intensiv use. Also optimal for standalone.
You can use this battery set +/- 70 min. maneuver with the mover.

Complete set 4 Optima Yellow Top YT S5.5 75Ah (28 kg)

We recommended this set for intensiv use. You can charge the battery while driving Also optimal for standalone.
You can use this battery set +/- 70 min. maneuver with the mover.

Lithium maximum weight saving!

We sell three types of lithium batteries. Manufacturer Reich has the most experience with the MPP, and you will obtain maximum weight saving. Manufacturer PowerXtreme has the best prices. With the X10 you will obtain maximum weight saving. And with the PowerXtreme X30 you save weight and you can use it for a board network connection because it has more capacity.

Reich MPP

The MPP from Reich only weighs 2 kg. Due to its low weight the capacity is limited. In practice this seems not so relevant for a lot of the caravans, according to the expertís advice. You can maneuver for about 12 minutes. The MPP can be charged by a 230V connection, or by the built-in charger on the 12V constant current wire or a solar panel. The maximum energy output is the same as set 1 (Optima Yellow Top 38 Ah battery).
There is a warranty of one year on the cells and 2 years on the electronics.

Complete set 5 Reich 526-2080 MPP (2 kg)

Recommended when need to save on weight. You can charge the battery while driving
You can use this battery set +/- 10 min. maneuver with the mover.


The PowerXtreme X10 battery is the alternative for the MPP. This battery has a capacity of 10 Ah and allows you to manoeuvre for approximately 14 minutes. The battery weights 2 kg.
The PowerXtreme X30 battery has a capacity of 30 Ah and allows you to maneuver the caravan for approximately 30 minutes. The battery weighs 5 kg. Because of its greater capacity you will be able to use it on the board connection. The higher energy output makes this battery suitable for heavy caravans. Charging whilst driving is possible with an optional charger. This battery came out best in an ANWB comparison test. In our own practice test this battery was the best lithium battery when tested on heavy duty performance. The energy output is comparable with our set 3 and 4 (Optima Yellow Top 75 Ah battery).

You have to register your product for the 5 years warranty from the importer. Otherwise we give you a 2 year warranty.

Complete set 6 PowerXtreme X10 (2 kg)

Recommended when need to save on weight.
You can use this battery set +/- 10 min. maneuver with the mover.

Complete set 7 PowerXtreme X20 (4 kg)

Recommended when need to save on weight. Also optimal for standalone.
You can use this battery set +/- 25 min. maneuver with the mover.

Complete set 8 PowerXtreme X30 (6 kg)

Recommended when need to save on weight. Also optimal for standalone.
You can use this battery set +/- 35 min. maneuver with the mover.

Victron Peak Power Pack

The Victron Peak Power Pack is available with 20Ah, 30Ah and 40Ah. The 30 and 40Ah are also suitable for heavy caravans. The Peak Power Pack can be charged with the supplied mains adapter, with a solar panel or by the dynamo of a vehicle or boat. The high-power output to which the mover is connected can deliver 150 Ampere continuously and 200 Ampere for a short time. This output switches itself off after 30 minutes. The battery has a separate connection for the on-board network (max. 30A.)

Complete set 9 Victron PPP012008000 (2 kg)

Recommended when need to save on weight. You can charge the battery while driving
You can use this battery set +/- 10 min. maneuver with the mover.

Complete set 10 Victron PPP012020000 (4 kg)

Recommended when need to save on weight. You can charge the battery while driving Also optimal for standalone.
You can use this battery set +/- 25 min. maneuver with the mover.

Complete set 11 Victron PPP012030000 (6 kg)

Recommended when need to save on weight. You can charge the battery while driving Also optimal for standalone.
You can use this battery set +/- 35 min. maneuver with the mover.

Complete set 12 Victron PPP012040000 (8 kg)

Recommended when need to save on weight. You can charge the battery while driving Also optimal for standalone.
You can use this battery set +/- 50 min. maneuver with the mover.


Leave your battery in the caravan during winter!

All the batteries that we sell can stay in the caravan during winter. You only need to follow our charging advice. Just charge it to the maximum and immediately disconnect the clamps afterwards. Every set we sell includes our charging advice, so you know how to maintain your battery optimally.

Connection on board network (Self-supporting)

We can connect our batteries to the board network of your caravan. This connection costs 220,- Euro s, materials included. With this connection you can use the 12V lighting, toilet, taps and pumps even if the caravan is not connected to a 230V network.
This connection works fully automatic ally. When the caravan doesnít get energy from the car, and is not connected to 230V supply, the energy will be delivered by the mover battery instead. We place a fuse between the mover battery and the board network. This automatic switch doesnít interfere with your carís electronics. The battery will not be charged during driving. If you want the battery to get charged while driving we advise our complete set 4.

Warranty Reich

2 years Warranty

Reich has a strict dealer network. We are a registered dealer of this brand. If you unexpectedly have a problem with the products purchased with us, the problem with the product will be resolved as soon as possible. We will ask you to send an email in which you describe the problem. You will then receive further questions, or a guarantee number and a step-by-step plan on how we can solve the problem.

Many faults on a product such as a mover can easily be rectified by telephone explanations from our technicians. A common problem is, how do I turn on the remote control ... and if that is successful, how do I automatically move the reels to the belt. It seems simple; but every product is protected against accidental use and after a year it is often unclear how it worked again.

You can also count on optimal support from the manufacturers and importers. Also during your vacation. We can send you a lost remote control anywhere in the European Union without too much expense. We also have our technicians in a large part of Europe who can help you. We assemble at home in France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Spain. You can also contact all service points (dealers).

We recommend buying a mover with a 5-year warranty, no matter how good the mover is, it is in a rotten place, after all, where there is always moisture and dirt during driving. When we install the mover, you have up to 5 years warranty. If you assemble it yourself you have 2 years warranty and then up to 3 years of leniency. With each mover is described how long the warranty period is.

Spare parts

If you have damage, or if there are problems after the warranty period, the brands PowrMover, Reich, Truma, and AL-KO offer an almost complete range of spare parts. So, if you have a small problem after the warranty period, you don't have to buy a whole new mover. You can often solve the problem with a separately ordered spare part. The spare parts of most movers are guaranteed available for 10 years. In addition, we have the most extensive range spare parts used and new in stock.


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We are, as our name says, a caravan mover shop. Here at CaravanMoverShop we sell a select range of high quality caravan movers from respected manufacturers such as AL-KO, Reich, PowrWheel/PowrMover and Truma. We also offer a range of premium batteries and battery chargers for your mover.

Our expert knowledge means we are always able to recommend the perfect mover for you. Our product range is also available at all four or our branches so you are free to shop in store or online. We dispatch our orders daily (Monday-Friday) to reach you as quickly as possible. We provide comprehensive and up to date information about all of our products in here on our website.

If you require further information or have any questions, please send us an email. We can also be contacted by telephone (0031-857843666) every day. In the past we advertised in the following magazines Camping Cars and Caravaning, Reisemobil, Kampeer en Caravan Kampioen (KCK), ACSI Freelife Magazine und Campingvizier.

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Our price:†€ 1800.00

Reviews Reich Basic 2.8
Semi-automatic mover (Hand operated wind system)
International version (2021)
Lowest price, with factory warranty.

2017-04-05, written by Familie L.:

Hallo an das CaravnMoverShop Team

bei uns wurde gestern der Reich Mover 2.8 Basic vor Ort eingebaut.Es war SUPER. Der Monteur Herr

Michael Kooijman hat eine SUPER ARBEIT gemacht. Bei der Einbau Besprechung mit Herrn Kooijman hat er festgestellt das bei unserem Wohnwagen eine Strebe verbaut war die Stoerte.Er konnte das Problem sehr schnell mit Distanzplatten beheben die er auch dabei hatte. Perfekt eingebaut sehr sauber gearbeitet fachlich sehr kompetent und sehr sehr nett.Kann ich nur empfehlen.Wir werden auf jeden Fall den Caravan Mover Shop weiter empfehlen.

Der Service am Tel war klasse.
Die Termin Vergabe zur Montage klappte super Schnell und wurde super eingehalten.
Einbau wie gesagt KLASSE .
Kommunikation via Email Perfekt.

Es wurden vom Einbau Bilder gemacht zur Dokumentation sowie von der Probefahrt ein Video gemacht fur weitere Fragen oder falls welche kommen sollten Reklamationen.

Wir sind sehr glucklich mit der Entscheidung bei Caravan Mover Shop gekauft zu haben.

Sie koennen gerne diese Mail in ihrem Gastebuch veroeffentlichen.

Ganz liebe Grusse
Familie L.

2016-07-06, written by Familie H.:

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren

wir waren vom Anfang bis zum Ende begeistert.

Bereits 2014 haben wir den Caravanmovershop auf der Caravanmesse in Leipzig kennengelernt.
Nun mit dem neuen Wohnwagen brauchten wir einen Mover und haben das Prospekt wieder herausgeholt. Die Kontaktaufnahme per Mail war super- unsere Fragen wurden stets schnell und freundlich beantwortet. Es wurden auch Empfehlungen gegeben aber nichts aufgezwungen...
Der telefonische Kontakt war super freundlich. Sofern notwendig erfolgte schneller Ruckruf.
Die Entscheidung war schnell getroffen ein Wunschtermin (kurzfristig) vereinbart und auch gehalten.
Der Monteur brachte alles Notwendige mit. Vor der Montage wurde alles erklart und gemeinsam ein passender Platz fur die Batterie und Steuerteile im Innenraum gefunden.
Der Monteur war ebenso super freundlich und nett! Er arbeitete schnell ordentlich und sauber. Nach Fertigstellung erfolgte eine sehr genaue Einweisung.

Wir sagen DANKE und empfehlen Sie gern und auf jeden Fall weiter.

Familie H.

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